NamePhD project title
2012 cohort

Chao Zhang


An Investigation into Image and Video Foreground Segmentation and Change Detection

Felix Ikworia Osebor

Assessing Urban Accessibility Indicators in Asian-based Neighbourhood Sustainability Assessment Tools

Ning Xue 


Modelling and Advanced Optimisation Methods for the Multi-shift Full Truckload Vehicle Routing Problem

Yao Li 


Shear Behaviour of Sand in Bidirectional Direct Simple Shear Tests

Xia Li 


Travel Time Prediction Using Ensemble Learning Algorithms

Yiming Quan 


A New Machine Learning based Method for Multi-GNSS Data Quality Assurance and Multipath Detection

2013 cohort

Bolei Xu 


An Investigation into Automatic People Counting and Person Re-identification

Boying Li


What Influences the Dissemination of Online Rumour Messages in Social Media: the Role of Message, Communicator, Channel and Rumour Features

Jingxin Liu


Stain Separation, Cell Classification and Histochemical Score in Digital Histopathology Images

Joy Egede


Automatic Pain Assessment from Face Video (Continuous Pain Intensity Estimation in Adults and Newborns)

Joyce Hoese Addae (Graduated)

Leveraging Web and Behavioural Data for Usable Adaptive Cybersecurity

Lanyun Zhang


Using Mobile Technology to Facilitate the User Experience of Group Holiday Decision-making

Liming Xu


Artcode Detection in Images

Mu Cong 

Drawing QSers’ Mind: Cognitively-informed Critical Discourse Analysis Tracing Cultural Model of Quantified Self

Mengdi Li


Twitter Sentiment Analysis in the Era of Emojis

Xinyu Fu


Context-Aware Sentence Categorisation: Word Mover's Distance and Character-level Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network

Zhou Lei


Video Summarisation Techniques on User-generated Videos and Character-oriented TV Series

2014 cohort

Chuang Gao


Analysis of Plastic Recycling and Breast Cancer Prognosis using Vibrational Spectroscopy

Dongsheng Zhao


Improving Ambiguity Resolution and Cycle Slip Detection from Combined Triple-Frequency GNSS Observations

Hongliang Sun


The Identication of Influential Spreaders and Communities in Complex Networks

Jorge Astudillo

Investigation into UHI Monitoring with GNSS Sensor Network

Ke Sun


An Investigation into Visual Content Understanding Based on Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing

Long Wen


Tourism Demand Forecasting: Opportunities and New Approaches

Xiaoping Jiang

Scenario Tree Compression for Stochastic Freight Service Network Design

Xianxu Hou


An Investigation of Deep Learning for Image Processing Applications

2015 Cohort

Dan Wang

Performance Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Management for A City in England: Past and Future Perspectives

Fei Yang

Image Translation with Capsule Generative Adversarial Networks

Jianwei Hu

Three Essays on Dynamics of Reward Crowdfunding

Jingjing Yan

The Intelligent Indoor Fire Evacuation with the Support of Self-Designed 3D Indoor Positioning System: Case Study in a Four-Floor Building of University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Lucen Li

On the Modelling of Future Urban Climate for Sustainability Assessment 

Shuhui Gong

Spatio-temporal Modeling and Prediction on Travel Behaviour Analysis

Shuojiang Xu

A Systematic Forecasting Framework for the Key Factors of Supply Chain Transportation

Tianlun Fei

Risk, Return, and Investor Behaviour in the Chinese Equity Market

Weiqiang Lin


Predictive Models for E-commerce Optimisation: Effectiveness of Social Media and Real-time Interventions in Online Sales

Zhengzhi Guan

What Makes People Immerse and Spend Money in Live Streaming: a Study of an Emerging Type of Social Media in China

Yuchang Zhang

Reinforcement Learning for Terminal Container Truck Routing Problem

2016 Cohort

Jiani Fan

The Representation of Venture Capitalists on Board and its Impact on Portfolio Firms’ Innovation in China

Leijing Zhou

A Learner-centred Education Framework towards Future Industrial Design

Rui Cao

Multi-source Data Fusion for Land Use Classification Using Deep Learning

Shuang Hu

Performance of Chinese Cross-border Merger and Acquisitions and its Influencing Factors

Teng Ma

Location Information Sharing on SNS: from the Perspective of Privacy Calculus

Yue Li

Evaluating a Mixed Reality Framework for Social Interaction

Yang Yang

Volatility Modelling in the Shipping Industry

Ning Zhou

Development of Accurate and Robust UWB and Particle Filter Based Indoor Positioning Algorithms