Alan Chan

MSc Entrepreneurship, University of Nottingham Ningbo China (2013-2014)

BSc Economics, University of Nottingham UK (2010-2013)

Hong Kong SAR, China

I work at the World Economic Forum based in Beijing. My interest in China began since I became the President of Contemporary China Society at UoN, a student society that aims at bridging the cultural gap between Western and Chinese students. Leveraging the Nottingham’s global network, I then went ahead to UNNC to gain first-hand experience in Mainland China. I was deeply impressed by the opportunities presented at UNNC, where I did a wide range of internships ranging from importing British craft beers from UK to China, to exporting frisbees from China to the US. I cherish my Nottingham experience a lot as it paved the way for the exponential development of my early career, first in management consulting and then in non-profit international organization. Building on my global vision that Nottingham helped shape, I will continue to help emerging Chinese companies go global and foreign companies better understand China.

Alan in September 2019