Off-campus Residence Policy and Protocol


The University guarantees on-campus accommodation for full-time international students. Students are eligible to be considered off-campus residence if they meet one of the categories below:

1) Students with partner and/or children.

2) Students who have other immediate families living in Ningbo.

3) PhD students.

  • If you are a current student and meet one of the categories listed above and would like to move off-campus, before checking out of dormitories, you need to complete the University Application Form for Off-campus Living and send it to the relevant Student Support Advisor of Department of Campus Life for approval.
  • For new students who plan to live off-campus, they are expected to submit the Application Form as part of registration.

The off-campus accommodation policy can be downloaded here or collected from your student support advisor.

International student shall take the stamped application form, original passport and rental contract to local police station for police registration. Once the police registration is completed, student will be given a police registration receipt which needs to be kept safely, as it is required for residence permit or visa application.

If student changes off-campus residential address, police registration needs to be updated with the local police station. In addition, it is compulsory for student to inform the new residential address to Department of Campus Life for updated record.