Accommodation application

New application

Students will receive an email containing username and password once their unconditional offer been confirmed to login to our pre-departure online system (https://ioms.nottingham.edu.cn).

Application Open time

Application for room transfer

If you are a current student wishing to transfer your room to a domestic student's dorm, please fill in Room transferring form and submit to the accommodation office at the Life Service Centre, near building 12.

Please note that the University does not accept direct applications to a domestic student's dorm from our new international students. New international students will only be allowed to apply for a room transfer from 1st October. Please note it is not guaranteed that your request will be successful. Rooms are allocated subject to availability.  


Application for living off-campus

If you are a current student wishing to live off campus, please see: Off-campus living.

Registration form for living off-campus

Please note that all students who wish to live off campus need to be approved by the International Office. This is required by the local Public Security Bureau.


 Tenancy dates

Student type Start date Finish date
Undergraduate students & One year exchange students Official registration date Official semester end date
Master students Official registration date Official semester end date
PHD students From the date the student enter the University The same date of the following year
  • If you need to check in early, you are advised to do so two days in maximum before the airport pick-up date, but it might be subject to change due to accommodation arrangement. 
  • If you need to check out later than the tenancy end date, you will need to ask the Accommodation Office at least one month in advance.