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Scholarship China Beacons Institute (CBI) Scholarship
Reference 2120CBI
Length of Scholarship Up to 36 months, subject to satisfactory progression
Places 20
  • Faculty of Business
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
Entry 11 September 2021
Closing Date Open till filled


The available PhD scholarship cover

  • Tuition fee
  • Monthly stipend
  • Medical insurance with designated providers
  • All above items are covered for up to 36 months based on satisfactory progression
  • All regulations set out in the UNNC PhD Scholarship Policy apply

In addition to the above scholarship, successful candidates also have the opportunity to carry out paid teaching (after the completion of Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) training) or research assistant duties at UNNC since second year of their PhD programmes.


Available PhD research areas

Intelligent Manufacturing

  • High-efficiency and ultra-precision machining technologies, systems and equipment
  • High-performance motor drive and control technology
  • New nanomaterials and electronic devices
  • Intelligent decision optimisation method and solution for complex systems
  • Smart vision solutions for human-machine vision fusion in the design, manufacturing and use of smart products

Green Chemicals and Energy

  • Green chemistry and green chemical engineering
  • Distributed energy recovery from organic waste
  • Urban mineral resources recycling
  • Multi-function, green and sustainable composite materials and the moulding technology
  • Flexible electronic materials and devices

Life Science and Healthcare

  • Research and promotion of evidence synthesis/GRADE
  • Research and development of biomedical imaging technology and equipment
  • Research and development of future health technologies and equipment
  • Research on smart food and food safety
  • Translational research
  • Big data and clinical research
  • Health economics research

Should you be interested in the research areas listed above, you may submit your application first and identify a supervisor at a later stage. 


PhD programme structure

PhD programmes at the UNNC are composed of 3 years research and a 1 year thesis pending period for full time PhDs. Full time PhDs are expected to submit their theses within a maximum of four years from initial registration.

On successful completion of the PhD, the students will be awarded a PhD degree from University of Nottingham. No reference will be made on the degree certificate as to where the degree has been completed. The University of Nottingham PhD degree is accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the UK Quality Assurance Agency.



Applicants considering to apply for PhD Scholarship must have met the entry requirements of a PhD programme first. More details can be found on the 'entry requirements' page of the website.

Applicants must have a master degree with minimum average score of 65% and degree classification Merit or above from a British university. Applicants also should hold a bachelor degree at upper second class or above level. Applicants from institutions where different score system is used must have achieved an equivalent level of performance to the above.

Faculty of Business also considers bachelor degree only holders who have a first class honours from one of Nottingham campuses and have a very strong passion for research in a particular area.

Faculty of Science and Engineering also considers bachelor degree only holders with first class honours from a British university, or the equivalent from other institutions.

Applicants must meet the required English language proficiency for the relevant subject area. IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 in all elements) or its equivalent is required for Faculty of Science and Engineering (FoSE) scholarship applicants.


How to apply

No separate application is required for applying for a scholarship but please make sure you quote the scholarship reference number in your PhD application form. A list of required documents can be found on the 'how to apply' page.


About China Beacons Institute

Nottingham Ningbo China Beacons of Excellence Research and Innovation Institute (China Beacons Institute) is a comprehensive platform that integrates global scientific innovation resources, in order to achieve innovative research, knowledge transfer and talent cultivation.

China Beacons Institute primarily addresses three prominent issues – Intelligent Manufacturing, Green Chemicals and Energy, Life Science and Healthcare, all of which are closely connected with the City’s development goals. Each of the three themes will have a dedicated research Centre that hosts existing researchers across the three campuses as well as new researchers to be recruited from all over the world.

By fully utilising the unique “Ningbo-based and global-oriented” advantages of UNNC, introducing the key international technological and innovative resources of the Beacons of Excellence of UNUK and attracting and gathering the global technology innovation resources, with the focus on original research and cutting-edge new technology development, China Beacons Institute aims to establish a world-class scientific and technological innovation platform in order to support and driving the industry development of Ningbo.

For all enquiries about the CBI Scholarship and supervisors, please contact the PGR Administrator at