Pre-Master Programmes


CELE provides various summer programmes for students who aim to go on to postgraduate study at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) or study overseas. These full-time intensive courses run in summer each year.

The Pre-Master Courses will:

  • Introduce you to the academic environment of a British university
  • Develop and improve your knowledge of academic English in order to reach the required level for your chosen disciplines
  • Prepare you for the academic skills you will need on your chosen discipline 
  • Develop the necessary confidence and skills for you to succeed in an academic environment

There are three programmes for Postgraduate students in 2024. You can choose the most suitable course for your needs. Please find course specifications by clicking the names. 


1. For students with conditional offers for UNNC postgraduate degree programmes, and who do not yet have the required level of English language ability for direct entry:


Pre-Sessional Programme (8-week)

  • Starting from July, an integrated 8-week course
  • For students with conditional offers, who do not yet have the required level of English language ability for direct entry for UNNC postgraduate degree prorgammes
  • Obtain language equivalency for PG programme after completion
  • Improve academic English and study skills
  • Final exam is included in the modules 


2. For students with unconditional offers:


UNNC Postgraduate Preparation Course (4-week)

  • Starting from August, an intensive 4-week course
  • For students to prepare for studying at UNNC or other international universities
  • Improve academic English and study skills
  • Focus on research and research methods in post-graduate study
  • Get accustom to the content and research strategies in chosen discipline
  • Experience sports and cultural activities
  • Mock exams are included in the modules 



Research Skill Course (2-week)

Coming soon