ITE - Beijing Dongcheng Teacher Training Institute Enhancement project

22 October 2019

Beijing Dongcheng Teacher Training Institute Enhancement project

The second Beijing Dongcheng Teacher Training Institute Enhancement project in the English Education was successfully completed.

Beijing Dongcheng Teacher Training Institute Enhancement project in the English Education was successfully held at UNNC from 14th to 18th October.

Elite Teacher Training Programme, as a major programme under the Institute for Teaching Excellence (ITE), had brought together eight experienced tutors from CELE and School of Education and English to deliver a 5-day high quality and diverse course for the 31 teachers from Beijing Dongcheng district. 

As the first sino-foreign university in China, UNNC provided trainees with a comprehensive and immersive English learning experience. Trainees discussed various topics in a form of group in a pure English teaching environment, they cooperated and made progress with each other, developing new ideas and methods for English teaching.

This is the second cohort from Beijing Dongcheng Teachers' Training and Research Center that ITE has collaborated with since the ITE’s establishment. In the 5-day training, the dedicated and erudite academic team, in the spirit of striving for excellence, selflessly and seriously solved the problems of the trainees in their teaching. At the same time, the effective cooperation of the teaching and logistics force among the various departments of the university was also demonstrated.


Feedback from Trainees

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Trainee Ms Hou

The most impressive is the way you gave the lessons. You not only taught but also showed how to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere and how to motivate and engage students in group work in different ways. 

It is a smart idea to have different teachers to cover different topics. In this way, we had the opportunity to get to know so many excellent teachers of different styles. Some are gentle and nice, some are energetic and humorous. But all of you are dedicated, responsible and charming. We feel close to you even though we’ve just known each other for several days, or even several hours.

I would like to say thank you to all the staff and volunteers for the training. Without your help, efforts and considerate arrangement, we could not have enjoyed the training experience that much. And from the bottom of my heart, I would like, on behalf of all my classmates, to say thank you again! We look forward to seeing you all again, here or in Beijing.

——Trainee Ms Hou



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Trainee Mr Qin  

This is a great opportunity to reflect. We have been guided to think about “what makes a lesson outstanding”, to focus on providing the most effective learning environment for our students, and to take another look at teachers’ and students’ responsibilities, considering how to facilitate learning and improve student achievement, thereby making them autonomous learners. Besides, we get to know our fellow teachers, who face the same problems in teaching as we do. And this project provides an occasion for communication and exchange of ideas. So we are able to learn from each other.

Finally on behalf of my fellow trainees, I would like to say thank you to everyone on the team for your help, your support and your dedication.

——Trainee Mr Qin