2021 UNNC Outreach Teacher Training Project Started

19 August 2021

2021 UNNC Outreach Teacher Training Project Phase one Online Intensive Training came to a successful end on August 19, 2021. The project was launched by the Center for English Language Education (CELE) in 2017, with the support of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) with the purpose of providing non-profit teacher training to improve rural education and train excellent rural English teachers.

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In order to support and benefit teacher excellence in rural areas, the project has been upgraded to an online and offline blended course. There were 54 exceptional English teachers that participated in the 4-day online intensive training. The course not only emphasized developing teaching skills and knowledge, but also included coaching sessions, in order for teachers to better understand learners’ psychology and motivate learners’ autonomy.

 The project have received very positive feedback from phase one participants.

“The tutors are very professional, the learning resources are high-quality, and the learning partners are very motivated”

“The course is combined with teaching practice, very practical. There are not only detailed analysis and guidance from different aspects of teaching content, but also coaching courses for teachers from the perspective of education and psychology, which is very beneficial.”

“Tutors taught in a detailed, targeted way and it’s suitable for rural education.”

“Not only gained some theoretical knowledge of teaching method, but also learned how to promptly encourage and affirm students in the classroom. Especially how to get along with students and be a coaching teacher and a teacher who is constantly learning. Thank you UNNC!”

“I learned a lot about goal setting, task setting, teaching methods, error correction and after class evaluation. I also learned how to get along with students.”