From Here to The World - 2019 CRRC Qing'dao Sifang English Fans Club International English Enhancement Project

22 November 2019

2019 CRRC Qing'dao Sifang English Fans Club International English Enhancement Project

From 18th to 22nd of November, we were delighted to welcome our old friends from CRRC Qingdao Sifang——twenty trainees from the English Fans Club. Among the trainees, were trainees who joined the course last year, but for most of the trainees, it was their first trip to UNNC. They took this one-week course to learn about intercultural communication, research and presentation skills.

This course used a combination of language skills and business situations to enable trainees to learn practical English expressions more effectively in a simulated environment. Thus in the future, enterprises can better enhance the overall international competitiveness and create a broader impact by improving the quality of talent. In addition to regular courses such as pronunciations, the tutors have developed systematic training materials and case studies based on the industry characteristics, to help trainees better understand business communication and other communication skills in the English language environment.

The final presentation marked the end of this program. On Thursday midnight, most of the trainees stayed up late in the training room of IAMET and prepared for their presentations. They tried their best to prepare fully for the final assessment and demonstrated what they had learnt in the past week.

Team-building and sports activities were also organised for the trainees, such as an ice-breaking event on Monday evening and fun sports on Wednesday evening. Through these activities, the trainees encouraged themselves to gain more motivation for learning, improved mutual understanding, and harvested happiness and friendship. Additionally, they deeply felt the importance of being a team player and said they would continue to apply such team cohesion to their work in the future. 

The learning experience at UNNC can just be described in one word: VIVID.

Yuan Yiqian, Trainee

In an era of rapid economic growth, and against the background of increasingly fierce international competition, while China-created products have increasing influence and competitiveness worldwide, young talents in China need to have more quality education, so as to create continuous power for the enterprises. Both UNNC and CRRC are committed to responsibility, reliability and innovation, and both are committed to cultivating outstanding young Chinese pioneers for the future. The success of this project is a successful practice of education for young talents. Both sides look forward to the future of this new type of teaching program to use the advantages of UNNC to continuously add new content and help more talents, so as to offer the possibility of accelerating the construction of a blueprint for the future.