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Teaching and Learning

Every aspect of our teaching addresses the intellectual and personal development of our students. Teaching is an ongoing interaction with students through course design, teaching activities, assessment and feedback.


Professor Wyn Morgan
Director of Teaching and Learning

Group discussion

Learning together


Nottingham’s Educational Values

Studying at the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus means you’ll directly engage with the educational values of research-led teaching, an international environment and quality teaching spaces.

The teaching approach at UNNC is shaped and informed by The University of Nottingham, UK. Our degrees run parallel to degrees offered at the University of Nottingham, UK, and are subject to the same quality assurance processes.

Students graduate with University of Nottingham degrees, whether they complete their programmes at our campuses in the UK, China or Malaysia.

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Studying in English

All our degree programmes are taught in English and you will receive a British-style education. All coursework material will be in English and all exams and assignments are submitted in English.

You will be taught in a mixture of group sizes, ranging from large lecture groups down to smaller groups of between 15-20 students. This student-centred style of learning equips you with the skills and analytical abilities necessary to thrive in business and industry.

English language support is available to all our students through the Centre for English Language Education.
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Teaching Quality and Academic Excellence

At Nottingham, we have an outstanding reputation for teaching quality. Our commitment to maintaining excellence in the provision of learning and teaching ensures that the University is consistently among the highest ranking performers in independent teaching assessments.

In the last review of teaching quality in the UK (2009), The University of Nottingham was awarded the highest possible judgement for teaching standards. The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), the organisation which safeguards and helps improve academic standards within higher education in the UK, expressed confidence in the quality of learning opportunities available to our students and highlighted a number of areas of good practice for commendation.

Our academic staff members are selected on the basis of their excellence in teaching and research.

Research in the lab

International context

There is an international dimension in all our activity. Welcoming students and staff from across the world to its campuses in the UK and Malaysia, our teaching promotes respect for all cultures and development of the personal interactions between our students.

Our courses are internationally relevant and provide you with the opportunity to study abroad with one of our many overseas partner institutions

As an international university we seek to locate our courses in the global context. Your studies will be informed by the international research community, in which many of our staff are personally active.

You will learn to find and evaluate information from a wide range of perspectives and be encouraged to build your own views with an awareness of the wider international picture.
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