2020 Nottingham Student Experience Survey

The Nottingham Student Experience Survey (NSES) is the biggest and most comprehensive student survey held at UNNC since 2012.  

The comparative feedback process provides useful insights into what our students think of UNNC and enables us to make continuous improvements. In autumn 2019, approximately 295,000 students from 216 universities in 19 countries and regions, of which 32 universities were in Asia, participated in this survey.


NSES 2019 Results 

· Overall student satisfaction (93.3%) remained at a high level compared with Global (89.9%) and Asia (89.5%) benchmark groups. 

· Overall arrival satisfaction (93.6%) improved notably from last year (89.2%) and exceeded the Global (91.5%) and Asia (91.9%) benchmark groups. 

· Overall support satisfaction (94.4%) increased slightly from last year (94%) and stood strong against Global (88.6%) and Asia (88.9%) benchmark groups.

· Happiness: 92.9% of students said they were happy with their life at UNNC, outperforming Asia (90.4%) and Global (90.3%) benchmark groups.  

What we have done in the past year

· The new UNNC library started its trial run, providing more than 2,600 seats for study and many multi-functional rooms to meet the diverse needs of students.

· The upgraded lecture rooms were used for the first time, facilitating the better blending of online and offline teaching. It allows off-campus students to gain a real-time view of instructors and easily participate in different types of discussions. 

· The University opened its gates to students in April and became the first Sino-foreign University in China to resume face-to-face teaching with about 70% of academic staff being in Ningbo prior to the border restrictions being implemented. To ensure the safety of students and staff, volunteers went to the airport, train station and other locations to help students back to campus. 

· New water dispensers in the lobby were installed to solve the drinking water inconvenience in the accommodation areas. The campus also invited new businesses to bring students a better life experience. Through launching the Business Red and Black List, it provided sustainable evaluation metrics to reflect and improve student satisfaction on the campus catering service. 

 · The Undergraduate Summer Research Replacement Programme this year included over 170 research projects. 42 tutors remained on campus voluntarily to provide guidance for more than 600 students. The University also launched an online remote research programme, which provided opportunities for international students to participate in scientific research. 

· The University continues to carry out a number of comprehensive employment projects to meet different employment and further study needs. During COVID-19, The University organised more than 100 online activities to provide one-to-one online employment counselling for students.