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student code of conduct

Regulations on discipline are necessary because the University is a society in which good standards of communal life must be maintained, so that all its members may enjoy conditions enabling them to achieve their aims in joining it. Students should  show proper concern for the reputation of the University and be aware of how their behavior may impact their classmates and others in the University community, past and future.

This code is formulated in accordance with the Regulations on Student Management in Institutions of Higher Education in China (2017), and the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education (2004). All students who have registered at the University or are visiting the University as occasional or exchange students are required to comply with Chinese laws and regulations.

A student’s acceptance of an offer of admission is regarded as an undertaking to obey the UNNC Student Code of Conduct and all other UNNC Policies and Regulations as are in force at any time during their period of study. An alleged disciplinary offence may be dealt with either summarily or by a Campus Disciplinary Committee in accordance with applicable disciplinary procedures. For more details about specific procedures can be found here (internal only).