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What is VoIP?

VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet.

Why use VoIP?

There are two major reasons to use VOIP

  • Lower Cost
  • Increased functionality





How to use VoIP? (For Staff)

Your short internal number will be shown on the screen of desktop telephone.

You can call UK and Malaysia campus through VoIP.

Place an internal call

  1. Pick up the handset.
  2. Dial the 4 digit internal number

 Place a local call

  1. Pick up the handset.
  2. Dial a '0' along with the phone number. 

Call UK please add 700+5 digit internal number of UK

Call Malaysia please add 701+4 digit internal number of Malaysia


How to create a conference call by VoIP?

Conference calls can have up to eight participants. To begin a conference call 

  1. From an active call press the Conference button.
  2. Make a new call.
  3. Press the Conference button again
  4. Repeat these steps to add additional participants.

To end a conference call

  • The conference call ends when all participants hang up.


 VoIP Soft phone

VoIP soft phone, that is called Cisco Jabber.

It is a collaboration application that provides instant messaging(IM), soft phone, video calling, multi-party conferencing capabilities on mobile phone, tablet and laptop.

Even if you are on business travel or vacation, you also can enjoy the high-quality voice messaging function through UNNC short internal number. (4 digit number)



 How to apply for soft phone function?

 Installing Jabber and Quick Guide

 Note: The most important thing is to fill the application form firstly, IT Services will open the soft phone funciton for you according to your phone model.