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IT accounts

You are able to access a range of IT services depending on your role

There are three types of accounts available:  


Staff IT accounts

Staff have an IT account for as long as they are employed by the University. This will be disabled on their official leave date. If a staff needs email access for a certain period of time after leaving the University, employee can only use associate IT account, and an official application form should be submitted to Head of Department or Division to approve and forward to IT services.


Student IT accounts

These accounts are valid for as long as the student is continuing their studies at the University and are disabled after their official leave date in the University’s student record system. After graduating from the University, students are still entitled to use University's mailboxes. The mail address remains the same.


Associate IT accounts (e.g. temporary staff or students, visitors)

If a temporary staff, student or visitor wants to apply an IT account, the related department needs to fill form on SharePoint, send request to IT Service Desk and provide enough information about the associate IT account, including name, position description, start date, due date and special request.

Associate application process will enable you to access a limited number of services based on your needs and your associated role within the University.


 How to activete your IT account and manage your password?

Staff account

All new staff can get information papers in terms of log-in account and email account from the University's Human Resources (HR) Department.

The Self-Service Password Management system allows you to either set security questions or set private mailbox to receive Verification Code when you forget UNNC password. Access link is, refer to relevant guide for more help.

Students account

The global Identity Management system (IDM) allows you to activate your username, set security questions and reset your password. This is accessed via

Guidance is available here.


Manage your password


Change your password asap

 Guide for staff

 Guide for students.



Creating strong password

  1. Be at least 8 characters in length.
  2. Not in latest 6 passwords history.
  3. You may not use the following attribute values for your password:
      • CN
      • Full Name
      • Given Name
      • Surnam

  4.Contain characters from the following four categories:

    • English uppercase characters
    • English lowercase characters
    • Base 10 digits
    • Special characters

Protecting your password

Armed with your passwords, criminals can get into your online accounts or profiles and steal your money, identity and more besides. They could even try to blackmail you. That's why you should never share your passwords, even with people you trust.

  • Never give your passwords to anyone.
  • Create a different password for every account.
  • If you've had your password stolen, change it and report it immediately

Password expiry

Passwords for must be changed every 360 days and no repeat in latest 6 passwords history.