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  • IT Services provide Service Desk support for all staff and students within UNNC.

    The role of IT Services is to lead information and technology strategy development for the University of Nottingham Ningbo and to provide services, resources and infrastructure that enable staff and students to exploit information and technology in all academic and business activities, providing the highest standards of customer care. We aspire to be information and technology service leaders, not only in Ningbo but also in the global Higher Education communities.

    IT Services provides a range of services and support that develop and deliver an increasingly complex flow of information and communications across the University’s UK and international campuses.

    IT Services is responsible for ensuring that staff and students have access to teaching, learning and research resources by: providing the University’s IT infrastructure; acquiring, developing and supporting new and emerging technologies and systems.

    IT Services provides IT support for learning, teaching, research and administration across the University. It is responsible for IT infrastructure, maintaining and developing UNNC core services and associated facilities including networking, email, storage, printing and computing facilities, managing the audio visual facilities in the teaching rooms and telephone network including teleconference and video conferencing facilities, supporting core and specialist software applications, managing software license, etc. 

    IT Services is continually developing and delivering the new initiatives expected of a world-leading institution, where possible, breaking new ground. This is being achieved by extending access to the University’s network.