All international students must be covered by Comprehensive International Student Insurance of China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd (CPIC) for their whole study period. CPIC shall undertake the following insurance liabilities during the period of insurance: death insurance, accidental disability insurance, medical insurance for accidental injury, outpatient, emergency and hospitalization. 

This insurance costs 800RMB per year or 400RMB for six months. One year postgraduate students are required to pay 1000RMB to cover their study period until graduation in November.

It is a compulsory requirement from the Chinese Ministry of Education for all international students to purchase international student insurance. For first year international students who are unable to pay insurance fees, they will not be able to obtain a Study Visa. Returning international students who are unable to pay their insurance fee by 31st October will not be registered. Please also note that you will not be exempt from purchasing it if you have independently arranged your own insurance.

For detail introduction about the insurance scheme, please see: 

Comprehensive International Student Insurance Handbook

Any queries regarding insurance, please contact customer service hotline 10108686 or

How to submit your insurance claims: 

The University’s insurance provider - China Pacific Insurance Company (CPIC) will be onsite at UNNC to provide insurance service on Tuesday. You can submit your receipts, diagnosis letters, passport copy and bank card copy to The Hub from13:30 to 16:30 on Tuesday at UNNC The Hub for the following period: 

From 12th October, 2020 to 22nd December, 2020 and

From 23rd February, 2021 to 11th May, 2021

If you cannot come onsite, you may also send your enquiries to