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The University of British Columbia is a global centre for teaching, learning and research, consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world.

UBC embraces innovation and transforms ideas into action. Since 1915, UBC has been opening doors of opportunity for people with the curiosity, drive and vision to shape a better world.

Host information

Key Dates
Semester Sept-Dec 2024 Jan-Apr 2025
Application deadline Apr.1st 2023 for exchange/ Jul 15 for SA for reference Sep.15th 2023 for exchange/ Jul 15 for SA for reference
Orientation September start January start
Beginning of classes Around Sep.5 Around Jan.10
Exam period TBD TBD
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Entry requirements
  For exchange students For study abroad students
Requirements on GPA or overall average grade

above 60

Above 60

Proof of English proficiency

Waived for UNNC students

Non-Degree Studies for visiting students | Student Services (

Courses and credits

Courses link

Course Schedule - UBC Student Services


Semester standard credit load equivalents
Standard credit load Standard number of modules UNNC credits
15 UBC credits 5 1 ubc credit=4 unnc credits

UBC GPA UBC grade Nottingham % Nottingham class
A+ 90-100  80-100 1st
A 85-89  75-79 1st
A- 80-84  70-74 1st
B+ 76-79  66-69 2:1
B 72-75  63-65 2:1
B- 68-71  60-62 2:1
C+ 64-67  54-59 2:2
C 60-63  50-53 2:2 
C- 55-59  45-49 3rd
D 50-54  40-44 3rd
F 0-49  0-39  F



On-campus housing: $3,500-$4,000 CAD per term

Housing costs depend on the location, size and type. There are apartment and townhouse-style accommodations available (e.g., Walter Gage, Fairview Crescent, Ritsumeikan-UBC House, Marine Drive). For detailed costs for each residence, visit Residences Overview ( to check winter session residence fees.

Off-campus housing options: $2,800-$4,000 per term

​​​​​​Rents vary greatly depending on apartment location, age and condition. For example, it is generally more expensive to rent in a condominium building than an apartment building, and lodging close to UBC is typically more expensive than elsewhere in the city. Keep in mind these are only general guidelines for cost. See more info on Living Off Campus (

  • Shared room: $2,800+/term
  • Private room - shared unit) : $4,000+/term


Students staying less than 6 months (one term only): Single-term students are automatically covered under iMED (mandatory health insurance plan) for the duration of their exchange at UBC. The cost of iMED for one term students is $315 CAD + a one-time $10.34 CAD direct billing fee.

Students staying for more than 6 months (full year or split-year students): Full year students are automatically covered by iMED ($75/month) for the first three months before they can be enrolled in BC Medical Services Plan(MSP) ($75/month). BC MSP is the basic medical insurance provided and required by BC government. The iMED plan will ensure that students have adequate medical coverage from the time they leave home (up to ten days prior to arrival if within the coverage dates) and while they are waiting to be enrolled in BC MSP. 

Full year and split-year students must apply for BC MSP (online application available) as soon as they arrive in BC, Canada. There is a three-month waiting period before students can be enrolled in MSP, during which time the students are covered under iMED. More information: iMED and BC MSP.

Monthly expenses

Budgeting for exchange | UBC Global