UNNC mobility programme applications are only open to 4+0 degree programme students during their qualifying year (Year 2) at UNNC.

Each school will set basic requirement for their students studying abroad. Basically, for inter-campus exchange/study abroad (UK and Malaysia campus), student must have at least 50%-55% average and some courses require higher. For international exchange/study abroad programmes, student must have at least 60% average. Some exchange partner universities will require higher.

Candidates should comply with all rules, regulations and laws without any record of disciplinary offence during their study at UNNC for the first two years. Any disciplinary offence records may lead to the cancellation of the exchange or study abroad place.

The application will open from mid December to the end of January using IOMS system.

  • Mobility Week activities
December- January
  • Online application
March - April
  • Exchange result release
March / October
  • Prepare learning agreement
  • Application documents submission to host institutions
May - June /
October - November
  • Offer and visa letter acceptance
  • Visa preparation
July / December
  • Get ready to fly
  • Pre-departure session

Download program guide and other resources below.