Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence programme invites high-calibre artists with an international perspective to campus for a period of 5-10 days or 1-2 months to create and share their art. The programme offers students the opportunity to meet masters and experience the beauty of art masterpieces up close and ‘in person’.


The Artist in Residence programme usually consists of an art show, a workshop or a creative salon conversation or a combination of these in order to present a panoramic view of the artist's work.

The programme is designed to inspire students and staff by presenting the artist's work along with the sharing of their motivations and creative processes. 


Joseph Graves——Revel’s World of Shakespeare 

shakespeare (1)


Chase Cha—— Adlib Aesthetics of Spray Painting



Shaoshuai Huang——Dancer, Wayfarer



 Zero Distance to the Masters

The Arts Centre aims to close the distance between the artist and the audience.

The Arts Centre will invite outstanding artists from various art fields to campus to tell their exclusive memories of art  and invite students to listen to the stories behind their works and experience the diverse interplay of art, culture and life. 


Shanglin Inspirations

– Yue Kiln Celadon Art Master Lecture

Masters-Shanglin Inspirations



 A Single Touch of Sentiment

– Yuxia Wu’s Talk on Pipa

Master-A Single Touch of Sentiment



The "Artistic Literacy Promotion" section is dedicated to helping students and teachers to connect with a wide range of artistic expressions.

In this section, participants will have the opportunity to appreciate different fields of art, to experience the artistic atmosphere, to interact with refined art, to acquire their own keys to understanding art and to develop a high aesthetic sensibility.  




The UNNC ARTS FEST is a newly created annual university event that delivers a diverse variety of art and cultural events on campus. Working to strengthen UNNC’s reputation as a place of art and culture by fostering greater relationships with local artists, creatives, institutions and industries. The arts festival engages a large number of students across campus in art activities and appreciation and enhances the students overall ‘university experience’.

Furthermore, the UNNC ARTS FEST is an excellent showcase opportunity for the talents and expert knowledge of UNNC staff. By promoting diverse opportunities for interdepartmental collaboration, UNNC ARTS FEST creates a great sense of community between staff, family members and students through art and art appreciation. 



UNNC Spring Symphony Concert

The UNNC Spring Symphony Concert is an annual music concert presented by the UNNC Symphony Orchestra, which has been successfully held for many years. As one of the highlights of the UNNC Art Troupe’s activities, the members of the symphony orchestra bring their best works and invite the audience for a spring date.

The concert features a variety of performance forms, including orchestral music, vocal music, and instrumental music. The wind music is melodious, the string music is lively, and the music presents a youthful chapter of poetry, allowing friends to enjoy together.

The Spring Symphony Concert is not only a music extravaganza, but also an opportunity to showcase the art of the UNNC. Since 2023, the Spring Symphony Concert has stepped out of the campus and brought unforgettable memories of the UNNC Symphony to the citizens of Ningbo. 

Spring Symphony Concert


AC Special Offer

Arts Centre also organizes interactive activities. These activities not only allow staff and students to better engage with the Arts Centre, but also allow them to actively participate in the art experience and enhance the artistic and cultural atmosphere of the campus.

The staff of the Arts Centre is also making continuous efforts to bring forth new ideas, providing diverse and rich forms of public art services at a high level, to integrate the concept of ‘art as life’ into the campus, allowing more people to gain pleasure in the journey of art, and experience the charm and infinite possibilities of art.  

Arts Centre

Ice Cream Trunk



Being Together, Once Again –

Walking Piano Invitation



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