Create a pathway to enhance literacy through aesthetic education.


About Arts Centre Workshop

Liberal Arts Education was proposed by Principal Yang Fujia as a school philosophy to advocate an arts education pathway to enhance students' overall literacy through aesthetic education. This led to the creation of the Art Centre Workshop .

The workshops consist of three series of courses, namely 'Versatile', ‘Erudite’ and 'Elegance', each of which has its own focus and complements the other. 

The Arts Centre workshops promote the development of arts education with project-based approaches on campus.

While drawing on cutting-edge international arts education concepts and methodologies, the workshops are subtly integrated with local characteristics.

Quality courses such as piano, ballet, oil painting, equestrian sport, drama, ballroom dance, tea art, graphic design and digital media are available now. 

Versatile Series

The Versatile Series focuses on improving students' appreciation and practical abilities in stage art, utilizing the open space of the Art Centre to provide high-quality learning resources such as piano, pipa, dance, and painting for faculty and students, helping to solidify the basic artistic literacy of UNNC students.

At the same time, the Versatile Series is also a core platform that empowers on-campus art exhibitions and competitions, and links to external art celebrities for sharing achievements. At Versatile Series, you can meet the most dazzling version of yourself on stage. 








Ballroom Dance

ballroom dance





Figure Drawing

figure drawing


Contact Improvisation (Contemporary Dance)

contemperary dance


Outdoor Painting

outdoor painting





Sound Therapy

sound therapy


Elegant Series

The Elegant Series will launch a variety of elegant lifestyle experience courses such as floral arrangement, equestrian sport, and wine appreciation.

By enriching artistic expression forms and encouraging students to explore the "small pleasures" of life, with interest as their guide, the enhancement of aesthetic appreciation is increased by those that take part.  


you can cope with all kinds of challenge with ultimate bravery.


Leather Crafts

The memory of time becomes more and more shiny under the leather.

leather hand made


Icense Taoism

The simplicity of mud contributes to the birilliance of porcelain



Whispering in autumn, slowly speaking in flowers.



Oil Painting

Iol painting screen, full of postures.

oil painting


Under the lens, there is a halo of history.



Jewelry Appreciation

Charming nature with bright jewlery.

jewelry appreciation


The fragrance is mellow and the tiredness disappears.



Wine Appreciation

Delicate and mellow, drunk without drinking, charming in various ways.

wine appreciation


Tea Lore

A floating pot with one leaf can disperse all the threads.

tea lore


Erudite Series

The Erudite Series focuses on introducing a series of art innovation skill development courses such as visual design, music composition, video shooting and editing, extending the practical education function of the extracurricular activities at universities, and expanding students' creative boundaries.To be broad in knowledge and high in learning is our aspiration.

By participating in these activities, you will be deeply involved in brainstorming under the guidance of professional teachers, discovering the beauty of the fusion of modern technology and traditional art, and experiencing the highs and lows of an original artistic creative process. 


Visual Design

visual design


Digital Media Studio

media studio


Music Composition

music composing


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