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    Professor Tao Wu, Dr Chengheng Pang and research group

    Converting wastes into value-added products

    "The traditional method for pharmaceutical sludge treatment requires high levels of energy consumption and causes air pollution."

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    Professor Xiaosu Yi, Dr Xiaoling Liu and research group

    Developing sustainable composites for a greener future

    "The world is facing a race against time to protect the environment and resources while still relying on fossil resources for much of its plastic and polymer material manufacturing. We are developing sustainable materials and multi-purpose composites to support greener, electrified transportation in the aviation, railway, and automotive industries."

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    Dr Faith Ka Shun Chan, Dr Fangfang Zhu and research group

    Managing water crisis

    "Water crisis has been a major concern that arises along with climate change and urbanisation. China suffers the most serious flood damage in the world."

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    Dr Ping Fu and Shuyang Xu

    Measuring glacier changes in High Asia

    "Global warming has a widespread impact on the ecosystem, and the retreat in mountain glacier is arguably the most visible one. In the high plateau of western China, the mountain glacier reduced at an alarming speed in recent years, posing direct threats to biodiversity and the life of local communities. Our research monitors the rapidly changing mountain system and provides important information on glacier retreat."

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    Professor Hing Kai Chan, Dr Chandra Ade Irawan and research group

    Operational excellence for sustainable business growth

    "Technology upgrades and policy changes, among others, pose challenges to companies, affecting the efficiency of their operational processes. By working closely with industry, my research aims to bring the leading academic findings to practice, and offer pragmatic solutions to help companies deliver the optimal services and products."

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