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Personal Tutorials

Every school assigns a Personal Tutor to each student. Personal Tutors are academic members of staff and their responsibility is to provide students with support and guidance.

We work together with other student service providers to ensure students receive the necessary information, advice and guidance to make informed choices about their studies and their future.

We direct students to the most appropriate university support services and suggest appropriate activities to make the most of their university experience, deal with difficulties they might encounter, and take advantage of opportunities offered by the University.

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Senior Tutors

senior tutors

Each school also has Senior Tutors who will support Personal Tutors and are part of the Senior Tutor Network (STN). The STN provides oversight in academic matters and pastoral care together with other key student service providers. You can find the name of your school Senior Tutor here.

Information for students

information for students

This guide contains information about the personal tutorial system. Your school or department may also provide you with a supplement to this guide detailing particular arrangements or additional requirements concerning the personal tutorial system.

Information for staff

 information for staff

This guide contains information on personal tutors’ responsibilities. You can also find further information about your duties in the Quality Manual and in your school, division or departmental tutoring statements.





We support The Learning Community Forum with a Nottingham Advantage Award to enhance students’ employability. If you would like to know more contact the Student Union Education Network here.


Who is my personal tutor?

 who is my personal tutor

If you do not know who your personal tutor is you should contact your Faculty Office or the First Year Office and they will put you in contact with your tutor.


Emergency numbers


If you are unable to contact your personal tutor there are specific services on campus to help in an emergency.