SA exchange 1000-666

Studying for a UK university degree in China

Study in English in China

All our degree programmes are taught in English, all coursework materials are in English and all exams and assignments are submitted in English. Our students are encouraged to communicate with each other in English.

Teaching quality and academic excellence

Academics at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China are seconded from Nottingham UK or are recruited from top universities and research institutions around the world. Teaching programmes are subject to the same rigorous quality assurance processes as at the University of Nottingham, UK.

The Quality Assurance Agency review of transnational education concluded that UNNC is an impressive achievement and that students receive as fully a British education as it is possible to provide in China.*

Graduate with University of Nottingham degrees

Students graduate with University of Nottingham degrees, whether they complete their programmes at our campuses in the UK, China or Malaysia.

International advantages

As our student, you will benefit from the unique advantages that come with receiving a truly international education. These include:

  • access to top research and learning materials, imported from the UK and elsewhere
  • tuition from academics who are, in many cases, world authorities in their fields
  • opportunities to spend part of your degree programme elsewhere, further enhancing your global perspective

High impact research

Our research brings together talented, passionate and dedicated people as they strive to make progress and discoveries that impact on lives and societies across the world. From transforming China patient care, to pioneering a cleaner, greener future, we push the boundaries of knowledge to impact on our world for the better.

As a postgraduate student you will:

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  • receive the full support of top research academics in your scientific and knowledge discovery endeavours
  • have access to the latest methods and technologies to help you develop your expertise
  • have opportunities to participate in internationally important research projects
  • receive encouragement to publish your findings in academic journals

In addition, the University's Graduate School offers PhD scholarship opportunities on a competitive basis.

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