Advanced Energy and Environmental Materials & Technologies

The Advanced Energy and Environmental Materials Technology (AEEMT) research group is comprised of a strong, multi-disciplinary team of dynamic, capable and multi-national researchers who are driven to lead the frontier of clean energy, advanced functional materials, and environmental studies. The research group aims to pioneer, develop and propagate core expertise in these research areas leading to world-changing outcomes.

The AEEMT members are talents and experts who are highly recognized locally and internationally, including recipients of the Chinese 1,000 Talents, the Provincial 1,000 Talents, the 10,000 Talents and the Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians awards. The AEEMT members have experience and expertise that complement each other’s research ranging from fundamental scientific studies in atomic and nano-scales, to original engineering research and applications in sustainable, catalysed energy conversions coupled with pollutants removal and waste recycling, thus leading to IP commercialisation and problem solving on industrial scales.

The AEEMT research group serves as a platform for effective communications and collaborations amongst group members as well as with external stakeholders in the effort to advance the research, development, and demonstration in mentioned fields which cover the hatch, match, and despatch of energy, materials, and associated environmental studies. 




Group Members

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