Advanced and Intelligent Manufacturing Research Group


Advanced Manufacturing Research Group has the following strategic goals:

  • Establish a research centre focused on niche and innovative manufacturing technologies for high value products.
  • Advance the understanding of the manufacturing processes through collaborative links with complementary academic disciplines (e.g. physics, chemistry, mathematics).
  • Support other research groups at UNNC to realise new research setups and jigs.
  • Train and educate high quality research students in the field of manufacturing science and technology
  • Collaborate with research centres and industry so that UNNC becomes an active member of Chinese manufacturing research community.



Research Themes

Key complementary research themes:

  • Conventional & non-conventional material removal processes (Dr. Haonan Li)
  • Processes for adding materials (Dr. Chen, Prof. Yang)
  • Modelling, dynamics and control of manufacturing processes (Prof. Yang, Dr. Halim, Dr. Yang)
  • Automation of manufacturing processes (Dr. Rushworth)
  • Reactive manufacturing processes (Prof. Yang, Dr Li)
  • Industrial innovative design (Prof. Xu, Dr. Liu.)


Research Group Members

Core Members

Professor Xiaogang Yang, Professor of Energy Technologies and Head of Department of M3 in UNNC, working on; casting; injection moulding; acoustics; aerodynamics; multiphase flow modelling; turbulence intensification for synthesis of functional micro/nano particles, material processing.

Dr. Adam Rushworth, Assistant Professor in Materials & Manufacturing. His main research interests are: robotics; dynamics; numerical modelling of robotic systems. 

Dr. Hao Chen, Associate Professor in Materials & Manufacturing. His main research interests are: thermal spraying; surface engineering; dissimilar welds; direct metal deposition (additive manufacturing); material science.

Dr. Haonan Li, Associate Professor in Advanced & Intelligent Manufacturing. His main research interests are: Machining of aerospace materials; High-performance processings of high-valued products; On-line process monitoring; Innovative toolings and fixtures; Analytical/numerical modelling of processes; CNC & Manufacture automation.

Dr. Guang Li, Assistant Professor in Materials & Manufacturing. His main research interests are: material processing; fluid dynamic modelling; reaction engineering; process equipment; new energy techniques.

Professor Xu Sun, Professor in Product Design and Manufacture. Her main research interests are: Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience Research in Intelligent Transportation Systems, User Experience Research in Health Care Applications, User-centred Design of Personalised Products, Services and Systems, Product/Service Innovation, including development of research methodologies for examination of interaction with innovative technologies and products.

Dr. Bingjian Liu, Assistant Professor in Product Design and Manufacture. His main research interests are: integrative prototyping for design and manufacture, design thinking, design for additive manufacturing.


Associate Members

Dr. Di Hu, Dr. Dunant Halim, Dr. Jian Yang, Dr. Jun He, Prof. Ruibin Bai, Dr. Xiaoling Liu, Dr. Xinyu Zhang, Dr. Yong Ren.


PhD Scholarships

The Graduate School provides various modes of PhD scholarships. Such PhD scholarships will be available for top quality applicants through the competition. Each faculty will also give out five full scholarships to top caliber students. Full details are available on the freshly revamped Graduate School scholarships website.  The final application date for the scholarships can be found Graduate School scholarships website.



Contact us


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