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NSFC Research Funding – the winners & how you can apply!


Seven UNNC applicants have been awarded grants totalling 2.4 million RMB in this year’s NSFC International Young Scientist Programme. According to the official NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) website, of the 108 successful fund applications, UNNC’s total of seven led the way along with Shanghai Jiaotong University.

This tallies with UNNC’s stated aim of developing both basic and applied research, where the University has been making efforts to improve both the quality and quantity of projects.

The programme supports scientists conducting international research in pioneering fields that make effective use of international resources. The research should follow the principle of equal-footed cooperation, mutual benefit and achievement-sharing in order to improve the research level and international competitiveness of China.

Here is a full list of those UNNC people awarded funding in this year’s NSFC International Young Scientist Programme (in no particular order)


Project name


Peter Summers

IR spectroscopic investigations into pyridine based   catalysts for the photochemical reduction of CO2

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Kuan Chee

Four-dimensional Dopant Profiling for Rapid   Prototyping and Fabrication of Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices Using Novel   Combined SEM / FIB Techniques

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Chengheng Pang

Graphene production via the mechanochemical cracking   of single-mode microwave pyrolysed biomass

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Chris Gerada

Towards Future Electrical Machine Drives–A 2MW,   30kW/kg electrical machine drive

International Academy of the Marine Economy and Technology (IAMET)

Nusrat Sharmin

Next Generation Medical Devices using Antimicrobial Phosphate Based   Glasses and Glass Fibres

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Hayk Mikayelyan

Free Discontinuity Problems and Applications in   Fracture Mechanics

Mathematical Sciences

Shravan Luckraz

The Problem of Information in Dynamic Games



The University hopes that this year’s success will spur more applications from foreign academics to attract more Chinese research funding, facilitate high level scientific research and accelerate international cooperation and exchanges with UNNC.



The NSFC International (regional) cooperation and exchange programme funding mechanism includes International (regional) Research Collaboration Grants, International (regional) exchange projects and Research funds for International Young Scientists. The latter supports young foreign scientists to conduct basic research in mainland China with the aim of promoting sustainable academic collaborations and exchanges among Chinese scholars and young foreign scientists.

Any foreign scientist who wishes to apply to the fund must:

1. Be under 40 years old on January 1st of the year of application.

2. Have a Ph.D. degree.

3. Have experience of conducting basic research or postdoctoral research.

4. Be guaranteed full-time work at the host institutions during the project implementation period.

5. Abide by Chinese laws and the relevant rules and regulations of NSFC while conducting research in China.

UNNC foreign academic staff who meet these requirements are welcome to apply. Please contact the Research office for further details: