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George Chen: Supercharging the Future

Geroge Chen2

This month, our featured researcher is Professor George Chen, Head of the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. We sat down with Professor Chen to find out a bit about his career and his important research into electrochemical energy storage.

How did you end up at UNNC?

I am a professor of electrochemical technologies at the Department of Engineering. I pursued my postgraduate studies in the UK before joining UNNC. I am also the current Director of the Centre of Sustainable Energy Technologies.

What has been your main field of research here at UNNC?

I am mainly concentrated on energy storage, specifically electrochemical energy storage. My most recent projects have been in relation to the new device, the "supercapattery", which is a literal combination of batteries and supercapacitors. 

What's so special about the supercapattery?

This technology bears the advantages of high energy capacity associated with the battery and long service life of the supercapacitors. Its development is mainly modular based - from small pieces to large pieces. This is more efficient if more costly. The device is also advantageous in terms of its flexibility as well as its high performance. It's all geared towards making life easier.

Has being here in Ningbo aided your research?

Yes, certainly! The main advantage in Ningbo is that it's a coastal city, which makes seawater readily available. Seawater used as an electrolyte inorganic component is a lot safer, less flammable and less costly than organic components.

 For more information, please click the video here.

Posted on 16 November 2017