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Sustainable campus

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) is committed to sustainable development. From student activities to sustainable buildings, our sustainability initiatives at UNNC are helping to achieve sustainability beyond.


Established in 2018, NottinGreen aims to raise environmental awareness on campus through spreading knowledge and promoting action.

The members of the society include students, teachers and admin staff who are all passionate in making positive environmental change.

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Campus Landscape

Flora and Fauna

Black Crowned Night Heron 440

Black Crowned Night Heron on campus



Red-Billed Starling 345

Red-Billed Starling


Ningbo has a subtropical climate with four distinct seasons, which allows a rich variety of nature to flourish; both in vegetation and animal species.

Carefully managed areas of the UNNC grounds nestle against the meandering Nottingham River, which provides the perfect roosting sites for the likes of Black-Crowned Night Herons and Grey Herons. Occasionally, in summer, you may be treated with the electric blue flash of a kingfisher in flight, while in winter, the sky pulsates with chattering flocks of Red-Billed Starlings. In the wooded areas of the campus, the distinctive Red-Billed Blue Magpie proudly displays its exceptionally long and sweeping tail. In total, there are around 40 species of bird that reside or visit the UNNC.

At twilight, bats dart and swoop over the lake to the background orchestra of chirping crickets. Hedgehogs snuffle in the undergrowth at night and Siberian Weasels can be spotted in the open grounds dashing between bushes.

In spring and summer, the blend of mature trees and blooming flowers bring freshness and splashes of vivid colour to the estate, with the scents of Jasmine, Osmanthus and Azalia providing warmth and peaceful ambience; a metaphorical stillness represented by countless hovering dragonflies.

Sustainable Building

CSET 345

Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies

The international award winning Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies (CSET); first officially opened in 2008, was the first zero carbon building in China. Its unique architecture draws inspiration from the Chinese paper lantern and the natural and poetic movement of a lady dancing with a Chinese fan.

The CSET was designed to be environmentally friendly based on the following 4 points:

  • High performance envelope
  • Daylight and solar control
  • Natural ventilation of the tower
  • Piped ventilation to laboratory and reception area

In this way, the building can work under the minimum demand for additional energy for heating, cooling and ventilation.

The main function of the building is to provide a specialist laboratory, equipped with outstanding research facilities for staff and post graduate students. It is also an outstanding demonstration project, showing how to integrate different energy saving technologies in a building.


International Conference Centre 345

International Conference Centre


Built in 2017, The International Conference Centre uses repurposed materials in its unique architectural design.