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Student Charter


What is the student charter?

As part of the student experience at the University of Nottingham, we outline:

  • What you can expect from the University
  • What you can expect from the Students’ Union
  • What we can expect from you (the student)

Ethos Statement

The University of Nottingham strives to achieve excellence in all of its activities. The University’s commitment to you is demonstrated through its teaching excellence, its learning environment and support services. We seek to inspire you to discover the full depth of your subject area and develop skills to make you a valuable asset to future employers. 
The University of Nottingham is a truly global institution, with students from across the world studying on its three campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia. The teaching approach at UNNC is shaped and informed by the University of Nottingham, UK and its degree courses are subject to the same quality assurance processes at Nottingham UK. Therefore, the University is striving to provide the equivalent student support and services to facilitating their academic studies and life on campus.
The opportunities for you to achieve your full potential – through volunteering, entrepreneurial activities and other sporting and cultural pursuits – are supported by the work of the Students’ Union and other Student Societies and Associations. The Students’ Union through the mechanism of course representatives on Learning Community Fora also provides you with a crucial representative voice in University decision-making.
This Student Charter has been developed and agreed in partnership with student groups. It seeks to describe the environment, relationships and mutual expectations which underpin the student experience at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. 

Student Charter Expectation Table (pdf)