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Ningbo parks and lakes


Ningbo is a particularly green city and none more so than in Yinzhou District where the University is based.  The University is right opposite Higher Education Park, a mile long area of parkland and lake which surrounds the universities in Yinzhou.

Yinzhou Park is a short walk from the campus, housing a large lake and boats to take out. There’s also a restaurant on the water and an Art Museum, not forgetting the fake mountain.

Dongqian Lake, arguably Ningbo’s most popular tourist spot is located around 10km from the University campus. Here, visitors can find the largest freshwater lake in the whole of Zhejiang Province, a number of tourist sites and cycling tracks. It’s often a great way to spend a summer’s day.

City centre

In the city centre is Moon Lake Park a picturesque area housing Tianyi Library and Moon Lake, offering another opportunity to take out a boat on the lake. At the back of the city centre is Zhongshan Park, a traditional area with temples and locals performing music and Chinese Opera.

Further afield

Slightly further away to the North of the city, is Ningbo’s largest park. At 45 hectares, Sun Lake Park offers an abundance of greenery, water features and lakes. It also houses a man-made beach and is a nice spot for a picnic.

Historical places

Xikou is in the outer part of Ningbo County. It is a four star tourist attraction and preserved as a national historical spot. In addition to its fantastic mountains and peaceful location by the river, Xikou is where Maitreya Buddha practiced his Buddhist rites and so here now stands an enormous golden Buddha. It is also the home town of Chiang Kai-Shek and his son Chiang Ching-Kuo, two important historical figures in the history of 20th century China. Their residences are open to the public.

Outdoor activities

The great number of lakes in Ningbo provide ample opportunity to take out boats, whether it be a pedalo or your own canoe. There are also designated cycling tracks in scenic spots such as Dongqian Lake.

Another popular activity is to make a visit to Ningbo Youngor Zoo which has nearly 10,000 animals. Ningbo Youngor Zoo was the first in China to create an animal viewing route on water. Visitors can sit in boats and watch animals on both sides of the lake and on the islands in the lake.

Also to be located near Dongqian Lake is Ningbo's first waterpark, set to open July 2012.


 Moon Lake in the city centre




Tianyi Library gardens




Big Buddha at Dongqian Lake - Zhejiang's largest freshwater lake