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Recruitment of China Academy of Engineering Physics in UNNC

News Agency ZHANG Luhong
Zhejiang CAEP & JiuDing Science and Technology Incubator Co., LTD (CAEP&JiuDing) came to UNNC in the afternoon of 23rd March, giving a lecture about talents recruitment. During the lecture, the delegate of JiuDing Science and Technology Incubator Co., LTD introduced the support organization, background, business and culture of their company and two freshmen of the company who graduated from Imperial College London and Zhejiang University talked about their feeling of working in JiuDing. In addition, two famous professors, Sun Yin and Fan Zongxi, told us the story about the time they devoted themselves into the work of atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb. The present student expressed that they benefited a lot from this lecture and they had know more about the direction of their future.

This time the jobs offered contains project managers, project assistants, investment managers, trainees and so on. The target students they need are bachelors and masters. According to their introduction, many Year4 and master students raised questions which integrate their own experience. JiuDing Company was so glad to hear so many questions and they thought university students do need to prepare for their future in advance. What’s more, they also want us to be a member of their team someday.

After the lecture, the HR from JiuDing Company interpreted that they were eager to the talents who major in engineering, finance and international business. However, they said that the major cannot be the most important. They want people who are good at learning and communication extremely as well.