Inter-campus transfer



  • The transfer program is not available for foundation year students (1st year of a 4-year bachelor program).
  • Students are not eligible to transfer out on their final year of study, which suggests your application must be submitted before you completed qualifying year.
  • Students who have completed at least one semester of the qualifying period of their degree is able to apply.
  • Students have no debts own to UNNC.
  • Your field of study will remain the same within this program.
  • The transfer result is decided by your host campus.  
  • Not available for 2+2 students. 
  • Students could apply for one campus only.
  • Students should not have re-sit exam(s) in August.

Academic Performance Requirements

A minimum of 55-60% (Average) is needed to apply for this program (60% for business related programs), please be aware that this is a general rule and the transfer result will be decided by the host university.

Graduation Implications

  •  Any student approved for formal transfer to the other 2 campuses will graduate from the host campus.
  • Once your transfer application has been approved, you will not be able to transfer back to UNNC again as your record will be deleted and you will have no accreditation record within the China MOE system. 

Transcript of Studies

It is important to understand how credits will be reflected on student transcripts for students transferring between campuses part way through their studies.  A transfer student will have two transcripts – one from the host campus which shows modules/credits taken in the host campus, the other from the China campus to record modules/credits taken in China.

Term Information

Spring semester transfer is not available in the program, therefore it is suggested that you transfer in September. The application deadline is 22 May ahead of the September intake (for UNUK/UNMC students who wish to transfer to UNNC). 

How to Apply

  • Please confirm that you acknowledge the requirements above and still wish to transfer.
  •  Complete the application form and name it using the format “Inter-campus Transfer Application Form – Given Name, Family Name” (example: Inter-campus Transfer Application Form – Dada, XI)
  • Provide all your UNNC transcripts including foundation year (digital copy is acceptable) and name it using the format “transcript – academic year” (example: transcript 1617, transcript 1718, transcript 1819).
  • For applicants who have stated emotional or mental health problems, please provide a doctor’s letter as medical evidence (please translate it into English if the original version is unsatisfactory).  
  • For application to Malaysia Campus, you still need to submit further documents: 

    -  Proof of English language competency: IELTS, TOEFL and PTE (Academic) , test results must be less than two years old and all IELTS must be the academic version of the test. MUET results are valid for five years from the date of the release of results.

    -  Copy of National Residence Identification Card (NRIC) for Malaysians or identification page of passport (photo page only) for international applicants.

    -   Required relevant academic transcripts (IGCSE/GCSE+AS / O Levels / SPM / SAT / STPM / UEC/ IB Diploma / SAM)

  • For UNUK transfer application, send all the documents stated above to before 23 June 2023
  • For UNMC transfer application, send all the documents stated above to before 31 May 2023.

Download Application Form

Deadline: see statement below