Since the discovery of 2 COVID-19 positive cases on campus on 23 November, University of Nottingham Ningbo China has implemented temporary lockdown control of the campus. Until 30 November, the campus has gone 3 consecutive days without further positive cases and our staff and students who were transferred to centralised quarantine are also in the process of being released.

With every effort made, on midnight 5 December 2022, the university reopened our gates

Ensure the life support needs of staff and students inside and outside the university

The university provides daily meal delivery and purchases of hot water pots for students under quarantine on campus; For students with special needs, every effort is made to provide emergency supplies such as medicines or medical services. The university has also established contact with centralized quaratine sites outside the university to provide students with urgently needed supplies such as drinking water and down jackets.

Properly accommodate students released from centralised quaratine

With the strong support of the government agencies, the university is making every effort to set out follow-up arrangements for students to be released from off-campus centralized quaratine sites, and the university will properly arrange accommodation for international students and Chinese students who cannot return home. At present, the university is contacting major hotels in Ningbo to ensure that rooms are available, and once the specific arrangement is confirmed, students will be notified as soon as possible.

Closely plan alternative teaching arrangements

For the follow-up teaching arrangement, the University plans to provide online teaching to students for the rest of this semester. At present, the faculties and Centre for English Language Education are stepping up to develop specific plans for online teaching, and will inform students of the details and the updated class schedules. At the same time, online open classes from various faculties and departments have already been in full swing, guiding students to maintain their continuous interest in the exploration of knowledge during this special period.

Maintain the physical and mental health of staff and students

Since the pandemic began, the university's counseling services were open to all staff and students as usual. Staff and students can send an email to to make an appointment, and the counselor will arrange online services according to their specific situation. In addition, the staff from the university's sports department also provided live online classes to all to encourage staff and students to maintain good health during the quarantine period.

UNNC will prevail against #COVID

This fight against the pandemic is a race against time and a battle against the virus. With the delication and support of the univeristy's staff and students and relevant government agencies, the univeristy is confident that it can re-open the campus soon. At the same time, the university is still actively planning more work to follow, and the specific arrangements will be announced as soon as they are decided. 

If you have any related questions, please feel free to reach out to the following official channels:

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