China Beacons Institute

The Nottingham Ningbo China Beacons of Excellence Research and Innovation Institute (hereinafter referred to as “the China Beacons Institute") was jointly established by Ningbo Municipal Government and University of Nottingham in the Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone in September 2020. The establishment of the China Beacons Institute shows a combination of a world-class university with its advanced science and innovation and national development strategies and local social and economic development.  

The China Beacons Institute leverages the unique “Ningbo-based and global-oriented” advantages of UNNC. By introducing the key international technological and innovative resources of the Beacons of Excellence from the UK, the intention is to attract global technology innovation resources. This will allow the China Beacons Institute to focus on original research and cutting-edge new technology development, the aim being to establish a world-class scientific and technological innovation platform with innovative research, research achievement transformation, technology transfer and talent cultivation, in order to support and drive the industry development of Ningbo. 


Vision & Mission


To create a Sustainable Innovation Eco-system with the integration of advanced technology research, outstanding talent cultivation and research knowledge transfer to turn ideas and dreams into reality


  • To attract and cultivate outstanding researchers internationally
  • To develop the most transformative and innovative research 
  • To unlock the best commercial potential of advanced technology 
  • To accelerate local innovation and enhance its global impact





Our research areas


Intelligent ManufacturingV2

Intelligent Manufacturing 

Green Chemicals and EnergyV3

Green Chemicals and Energy

life science

Life Science and Healthcare


What we do

Top talents acquisition

Cutting-edge technology R&D

Innovation talent training

Disseminating science and technology achievements

Technology incubation

Innovation resource sharing

International collaboration