Beyond the Printed Page: Dr Sherif Welsen's Impactful ICET 2023 Address on Digital Reading

22 September 2023

On 16 September 2023, Dr Sherif Welsen, an associate professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering department and the founder and Head of the Science and Engineering Education (SEE) research group, was invited to give a speech to the 3rd International Conference on Educational Technology (ICET 2023). The conference aims to focus on research and practice in educational technology, exploring the use of the latest technologies in education to promote learning efficiency and enhance educational effectiveness. This year, the conference was successfully held in Xi’an and was cosponsored by Northwestern Polytechnical University and the IEEE.

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In his address titled “A View on Digital Reading in International Education: Science and Engineering Students’ Perspective”, Dr Welsen shared insights from his recent research, navigating the digital reading landscape during and post-pandemic times. His speech shed light on the reading habits of undergraduate scholars from diverse engineering domains, including Civil Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science. Moreover, Dr. Welsen's discourse provided recommendations and perspectives tailored for policymakers and education authorities, particularly in engineering higher education.

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The audience was engrossed, seizing the opportunity to interact with Dr. Welsen, and initiating discussions and inquiries during the vibrant post-presentation engagement. They were eager to learn more about the development of reading strategies for engineering students, which demonstrated the impact of the speech.

It is worth noticing that this year, the ICET has received 152 submissions and invited over 300 renowned experts and young scholars from 21 countries and regions. The conference served as a dynamic platform, empowering participants to explore the forefront of educational technology research, foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and embark on innovative initiatives that will undoubtedly shape the future of education.