Huawei's Ningbo Artificial Intelligence Supercomputing Centre visited FoSE

11 November 2022

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On November 8, Zhibin Jia, CTO of Huawei's Ningbo Artificial Intelligence Supercomputing Centre, and Gang Chen, Regional Operations Director, led a team to visit the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FoSE), University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), accompanied by Professor Ruibin Bai, Head of the Department of Computer Science, to exchange and discuss topics such as artificial intelligence research, talent training, industry-education integration, and local industry development.

In the morning, guests introduced Huawei's latest AI products and ecosystems to the teachers and students of the UNNC. In the presentation, Liqiong Zhang, Huawei's Ningbo Development Manager, explained the strategy, advantages, and development of Huawei's AI root technology in the Chinese and industrial intelligent ecosystem at the basic and native AI ecosystem.

After Professor Bai and Professor Xiangjian He led the visitors to the Digital Port Technologies Laboratory of the UNNC and demonstrated the landmark achievements of scientific research and industrial cooperation in the fields of AI, operations research optimisation, and computer vision, the two sides discussed and exchanged topics such as production, education and research.

Professor Bai introduced the advantages of the Department of Computer Science, the Digital Port Technology Laboratory and the research team. He pointed out that in recent years, FoSE has adhered to integrity and innovation, focused on the needs of the country, industry, and local needs, exploring the layout of frontier fields such as AI, smart ports, industrial Internet, and "dual carbon", actively spoke out and took the initiative, and contributed UNNC's wisdom and strength in building a maritime power and a transportation power of China. He expressed the hope that in the future, the two sides will further strengthen cooperation and exchanges in joint research on scientific and technological projects and talent training, jointly cultivate talents, build and share together, and work together to take the road of win-win cooperation.

Zhibin Jia then thanked the school for its warm reception and long-term support on behalf of Huawei Ningbo. He said that the company attaches importance to industry-university-research cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes and plans to jointly establish laboratories with the school in further cooperation to build a bridge between academic and industrial development and help the Chinese industrial intelligent ecosystem prosper and develop.

Ascend technical expert Haibo Su, regional operation general manager Xuanliang Liao, and ecosystem manager Lei Feng accompanied the visit. Jianfeng Ren, Zheng Lu, assistant professors of the Department of Computer Science, and Haibo Dong, senior manager of the Digital Port Technologies Lab, accompanied the reception.