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Continuing Professional Development



Continuing professional development (CPD) covers all types of training related to any profession across three facutlies of UNNC.  Executive Education, Technical Training and Language training are provided.  Custom Programmes and Open Programmes can satisfy different needs from society. It facilitates the process of continuously adding to skills and enhancing competence.

5 'Is' Features:

  • International:
    • Very international environment with more than 300 staff from over 30 countries and regions.
    • Study “abroad” at home -  global footprint (China, UK, and Malaysia) and worldwide partners.
    • World-class trainings that utilize global best business practices adapted to the local business environment in China. 
  • Innovative:
    • Highly innovative - active learning techniques: case studies, role plays, business simulations, team work & company visits, etc.
    • World-class focus on developing entrepreneurial creative leaders.
    • Emphasize new research-based skills quickly applicable at work. 
  • Interactive:
    • Interactive learning techniques.
    • Highlight participant’s interaction with high quality management practioners.
  • Implementation: 
    • Focus not only on teaching content well, but also on ensuring that taught content is implemented in the company/companies.
    • Idea Improvement Projects - discussing the company’s/companies’ practices in class and comparing those to other companies’ best practices; having multiple people from one company in the program to make change easier. 
  • Impact: 
    • Research with practical implications in the classroom and expose participants to the latest management thinking and technology of relevance for China and the world. 
    • Aimed not just to teach some content or being entertaining, but to have a big impact on client organizations.