Goal: 12. Responsible Consumption and Production | Research cases: 4

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    Professor Xiaosu Yi, Dr Xiaoling Liu and research group

    Developing sustainable composites for a greener future

    "The world is facing a race against time to protect the environment and resources while still relying on fossil resources for much of its plastic and polymer material manufacturing. We are developing sustainable materials and multi-purpose composites to support greener, electrified transportation in the aviation, railway, and automotive industries."

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    Dr Philip Hall

    Recycling used plastics for a green industry

    "The modern day manufacturing industry uses plastics across almost every sector. Plastics have many benefits but the plastic wastes can cause serious environmental problems. Approximately only 9% of the world’s plastic waste is recycled each year and most of this is down cycled i.e. used to make lower value products. My research is working to keep the valuable plastic wastes out of landfills by creating a circular loop and enabling them to live another life as car parts or other high value products."

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