Precision imaging for disease diagnosis

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"The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Research Centre at UNNC has been working with British and Russian partners to explore the use of hyperpolarised noble gas in imaging lung airspaces and has developed an advanced MRI technique that can form pictures of the airspace of lungs. This innovative method will enable earlier detection of lung diseases in an accurate and safe way."

Chengbo Wang 王成波

Associate Professor in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Dr Chengbo Wang

Associate Professor in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Dr Jing Wang

Assistant Professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The research team is led by Dr Chengbo Wang, Associate Professor in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, who has brought the world-renowned Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre from the University of Nottingham UK campus to UNNC.

At the MRI Centre, Dr Wang’s team has also developed a whole-body cryogen-free MRI, which can replace the use of liquid helium, a natural scarcity, with copper tape. This improvement has enabled MRI devices to work in more flexible positions.