Recycling used plastics for a green industry

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"The modern day manufacturing industry uses plastics across almost every sector. Plastics have many benefits but the plastic wastes can cause serious environmental problems. Approximately only 9% of the world’s plastic waste is recycled each year and most of this is down cycled i.e. used to make lower value products. My research is working to keep the valuable plastic wastes out of landfills by creating a circular loop and enabling them to live another life as car parts or other high value products."

Philip Hall

Associate Professor in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Dr Philip Hall

Associate Professor in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Plastics are widely used in automotive industry to manufacture light weight and fuel efficient cars. Dr Philip Hall’s novel technology to recycle plastics for the use in car parts has given another life for the used plastics.

Dr Hall’s research has helped a local car manufacturer in Ningbo to make car parts using recycled plastics, saving the cost for car manufactures, and more importantly, reducing fuel consumptions and greenhouse emissions.

Dr Philip Hall’s research focuses on the use of recycled plastic in manufacturing, waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling, specifically Lithium Ion Batteries. His various projects, including the development and application of recycled polymeric composites for marine applications, are contributing to different UN SDGs.