Managing water crisis

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"Water crisis has been a major concern that arises along with climate change and urbanisation. China suffers the most serious flood damage in the world."

Faith Ka Shun Chan 陳加信

Associate Professor in Environmental Sciences

Dr Faith Ka Shun Chan

Associate Professor in Environmental Sciences

Dr Fangfang Zhu

Associate Professor in Civil Engineering

Dr Yu-Ting Tang

Assistant Professor in Environmental Sciences

Dr Meili Feng

Assistant Professor in Geographical Sciences

Dr Dimple Thadani

Assistant Professor

To address the issue, Dr Faith Ka Shun Chan has been committed to the research of Sponge Cities. The concept of “Sponge City” is that a city structured and designed to absorb and capture rainwater and utilise it to reduce floods. It is a form of a sustainable drainage system in urban scale.

Dr Faith Chan’s research explicates the “Sponge City” concept and implications to land-use planning and water management measures. His research has helped identify the best practices to address urban flood issues in Ningbo and other Chinese cities.