Measuring glacier changes in High Asia

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"Global warming has a widespread impact on the ecosystem, and the retreat in mountain glacier is arguably the most visible one. In the high plateau of western China, the mountain glacier reduced at an alarming speed in recent years, posing direct threats to biodiversity and the life of local communities. Our research monitors the rapidly changing mountain system and provides important information on glacier retreat."

Ping Fu 傅平

Assistant Professor in Geographical Sciences

Dr Ping Fu

Assistant Professor in Geographical Sciences

Shuyang Xu

PhD candidate

As an expert in Geographical Sciences, Dr Ping Fu’s research has focused on studying the mechanism of how geomorphic process shapes mountain landscape and assessing the impact of climate change on glaciers. Specifically, her team has been conducting fieldwork in Hailuogou Glacial Park in western Sichuan, in order to observe and manage glacier change in the high mountain area.

Hailuogou Glacial Park plays a critical role in the local eco-system. It is not only an important source of water and life, but creates tourism for the local economy. The glacier loss has not only affected socio-economic activities but also caused biodiversity loss and environmental hazards. Using drone photos and high-resolution satellite data, Dr Fu’s team has been able to quantitatively assess the changing glacier system. The result can provide insights on managing mountain geo-hazards and natural resources.