Converting wastes into value-added products

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"The traditional method for pharmaceutical sludge treatment requires high levels of energy consumption and causes air pollution."

Tao Wu 吴韬

Professor in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Professor Tao Wu

Professor in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Dr Chengheng Pang

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

Professor Jun He

Professor in Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control

Dr Guang Li

Assistant Professor in Product Design & Manufacturing

The novel method, developed by the Provincial Key Laboratory for Carbonaceous Waste Processing and Process Intensification Research, has helped waste treatment and disposal service providers solve this problem successfully. The lab’s innovative technology cannot only reduce the amount of energy consumption and hazardous air emissions, but it can turn residue left over from the treatment process into concrete blocks.

Under Professor Tao Wu’s leadership, the Provincial Key Lab focuses on industrial waste treatment and clean energy conversion technologies. Their inventions have been awarded multiple patents, with commercial applications at home and abroad.