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    A Tale of Two Cities: Celebrating 15 years of friendship between Ningbo and Nottingham

Nottingham is Ningbo’s important international sister city. The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) has actively supported and promoted friendly exchanges and cooperation between the two cities in multiple areas. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the formalisation of the Ningbo-Nottingham friendship city relationship.

Following the exhibition of ‘Lost in Lace: Lace and Lace Making in Nottingham’, a series of activities will be held to celebrate this anniversary. Through online forums, public lectures, exhibitions and other cultural activities, Ningbo Museum and the UNNC will present the rich and diverse history and culture of both cities and reflect on their cooperation.

Time: August – December 2020


- Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal People’s Government

- Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism


- Ningbo Museum

- Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Nottingham Ningbo China


  1. Online Forum

Online cultural dialogues among government leaders and experts. 

  • Ningbo and Nottingham Friendship City Relationship-Shuanglin Jiao, Deputy Director General of Ningbo Foreign Affairs Office
  • Cooperation and exchange between Ningbo and Nottingham-Xiaoyin Han, Counsel of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio,   Television and Tourism
  • A Tale of Two Cities: Reflections on Ningbo-Nottingham Relations-Professor Gary D. Rawnsley, Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, UNNC
  • The Role of Museums in Enhancing Intercity Cultural Communications-Lijun Wang, Director of Ningbo Museum
  • Curation On-the-spot: Lost in Lace: Lace & Lace Making in Nottingham-Judith Edgar, Exhibition Curator of Nottingham Castle Museum


  1. Public lectures

Lectures will be delivered on the themes of exhibitions, history and the culture of the two cities. 

  • Blooming: the past and president of lace-Fan Zhao, China Silk Museum
  • Ningbo and the Maritime Silk Road: Research on China's ceramic production and export-Dr. Thomas Hirzel, School of International Communications, UNNC
  • Creative industry-Prof. Xiaoling Zhang, Chair Professor in Creative Industry, School of International Communications, UNNC
  • City storytelling: how to tell a good story-Dr. Xiaoge Xu, School of International Communications, UNNC
  • Digital humanities-Prof. Eugene Ch’ng, Professor of Cultural Computing , Director, NVIDIA   Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality, NVIDIA Technology Centre, School of International   Communications, UNNC


  1. Exhibitions

1) Robin Hood: The Legend Continues

-Time: September, 2020

-Venue: Exhibition Hall, UNNC Library

-Robin Hood is a legendary heroic figure. He was allegedly born around 1160 and lived in Sherwood Forest, in Nottinghamshire. The exhibition reveals the multiple stories of Robin Hood, and offers some new interpretations.

2) Impression of Ningbo by UNNC International Students

-Time: November to December, 2020

-Venue: Ningbo Museum

-As an international university, UNNC attracts many international students every year. These international students live and study in Ningbo, and record their memories of Ningbo and China through photos, memoirs and other materials. The exhibition will display their impressions and footprints in Ningbo and around China.


  1. Cultural Experience

1) Knowledge for Fun

To promote mutual understanding, a contest will be held to test local residents and international students on their knowledge of the two cities.

-Time: November, 2020

-Venue: Ningbo Museum


Robin Hood, a drama, will be presented by UNNC students and staff.

-Time:December, 2020

-Venue: Ningbo Museum, UNNC

3) Interpreting Contest

The Translation Centre of Ningbo Foreign Affairs Office and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science of UNNC will organise the Ningbo Youth Interpreting Competition centred on the cultural interaction between the two cities.

-Time: October to November, 2020

-Venue: UNNC and Ningbo Museum

4) International Open Market

We will invite domestic and international residents to become booth owners and display their unique cultural products, such as traditional Chinese paper-cutting, wood inlays, and any other products that have cultural appeal. UNNC and UNUK will promote Nottingham-themed souvenirs with all profits being donated to charities.

-Time: December, 2020

-Venue: Ningbo South CBD Night Fair


For detailed information about events please follow FHSS WeChat (FHSS_UNNC).