These are three wide and significant themes within geospatial science and engineering. Specific areas of interest include

  1. Space geodesy and low-cost indoor positioning;
  2. Geostatistics, spatial uncertainty and spatial data quality and Construction and Facilities Management through BIM and GIS;
  3. Glaciology, environmental pollution and structural engineering. We also have the opportunity to link to other applications including smart cities, intelligent transport, environmental epidemiology and healthcare. 

As mentioned above, our research also focuses around three themes:

  1. Geospatial data acquisition, with a particular focus on positioning. This reflects our close relationship with the Nottingham Geospatial Institute in the UK, which is internationally recognized in this field.
  2. Data processing and analysis, with a specific focus on Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Building Information Management (BIM), its integration with IoT, Telecommunication Networks and other technologies. GIS and BIM are relatively broad subjects. More the group focuses on geostatistics, geospatial uncertainty and spatial data quality (GIS) including Information Model / Modelling / Management.
  3. Applications in environment and engineering, with a particular focus on glaciology, environmental pollution and structural engineering. We also have the possibility to link to new applications including sensors and smart cities, transport, environmental epidemiology and poverty. Applications allows us to develop high-impact outcomes as well as providing challenging core research.

Research Grants

DateProject NameFunding AgencyPI/CI from UNNCAmount
2019 Reconstructions of ice thickness distribution and volume during the Maximum Glaciation and LGM in eastern Hengduan Mountain: from Shaluli Shan to Min Shan NSFC general program Ping FU: PI 620k
2019 The tropospheric delay modeling for improving the PPP precision in the structure monitoring applications Ningbo Commonweal Craig Hancock (PI), Sherif Welsen (CI) 200k
2019 Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams using Fabric Reinforced Geopolymer Composites: Failure Mechanism and Design Method ZJNSF Craig Hancock (CI) 100k
2018 Flexural Performance of Reinforced Concrete Beam Strengthened by Fabric Reinforced Geopolymer Composites Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau Craig Hancock (CI) 50k
2018 Research on Key Technology of Bridge Deformation Monitoring Based on Multi-Frequency GNSS Wuhan University Key Lab Craig Hancock (PI) 20k
2018 How 3S Technologies Benefit Ocean Economies ZJNSF Craig Hancock (PI) 50k
2018 Damage detection of bridge structures subjected to nonlinear effects of changing ambient temperature condition Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau YT Chen (PI) C Hancock (CI) 30k
2018 Strengthening of reinforced concrete beams using fabric reinforced geopolymer composites: failure mechanism and design method Zhejiang basic and commonweal programme YT Chen (CI)  100k
2017 The key studies of Satellite-difference RTK PPP applied in huge bridge deformation NSFC Young Scientist Craig Hancock (CI) 240k
2017 Seismic performance of reinforced concrete beam-column joints with headed diagonal reinforcements National Natural Science Foundation of China YT Chen (CI)  230k
2017 As Built BIM for Ningbo Ningbo Housing Bureau Craig Hancock (CI), Huib de Ligt (CI) 200k
2017 Mobile Mapping for Indoor BIM iSpatial Ltd (Industry) Craig Hancock (PI) 32k
2017 Laser Scanning for Landslides Shanggong Ltd Huib de Ligt (PI) 50k
2016 Integration of GPS and BDS to monitor large bridge on real time Ningbo NSF Craig Hancock (CI) 80k
2016 Investigations of power flow characteristics of nonlinear vibration isolation systems National Natural Science Foundation of China YT Chen (CI) 200k
2016 Assessment and Mitigation of Ionospheric Errors on GNSS Zhejiang NSF C Hancock (PI) 90k


Facilities and Equipment

The Research Group is consisted from two labs and one studio

  • GNSS Lab, Room 414, Peter Mansfield Building
  • BIM and GIS Lab Room 338, Peter Mansfield Building
  • Design Studio 115, Peter Mansfield Building

Among a range of Software in 3D Modeling by Autodesk, Naviskworks, UML, 3DsMax, Python and Unity, we also have a full range of equipment at our disposal:

  1. RFID tags for tracking location – objects identifications

  2. Inertial Positioning system

  3. Leica GNSS GR25 receiver (1) + AR25 antenna (1)

  4. Leica GNSS GR10 receivers (3) + AR25 antenna (1) +  AR10 antennas (3)

  5. Leica GNSS GS10 receivers (4)

  6. JAVAD TRIUMPH-VS GNSS receivers (2)

  7. Unicore UR240 GNSS receivers (2)

  8. Spirent GNSS simulator GSS8000 (1)

  9. Leica HDS7000 laser scanner (1) + Faro Focus 3D laser scanner (1)

  10. Leica Nivel (2)

  11. Ubisense UWB sensors (4) + compact tags (10)

  12. Microstrain 3DM-GX3-45 IMU (2)

  13. Xsens MTi-G IMU (2)

  14. Analogue Devices ADIS16488 IMU (1)

  15. MTx Development Kit IMU (2)

  16. 3D monitors for PRS (2)

  17. Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D300S digital cameras (2)