The Faculty RKE Committee (FRC) is responsible for the implementation of FoSE research strategies: 

  • To advise the Faculty Management Board on the development and delivery of the Faculty RKE strategy.
  • To allocate resources on behalf of the Faculty Management Board in the support of Faculty RKE strategy.
  • To monitor the implementation of the strategy, to evaluate its impacts and to advise the Faculty Management Board on any adjustment to the strategy when appropriate.
  • To monitor and manage the PGR programs at Faculty level.

The Faculty PGR Committee (FPC) is responsible for the development and implementation of FoSE PGR related policies and strategies:

  • To report to FRC 
  • To implement the day-to-day faculty level management concerning PGR students and to oversee the management of students within groups.
  • To monitor the implementation of policies and strategies, to evaluate their impact and to advise the Faculty Research Committee on revisions where necessary and appropriate
  • To monitor and manage the PGR programs at Faculty level
  • To investigate potential conflicts of interest
  • To share casework among the committee members.
Name  Role               Office Number    Email                         
Xu Sun Interim Associate Dean for RKE PMB331 
Research Strategy
Sean He Research Group Lead  PMB334
Yong Sun Horizontal Grant Support Lead PMB315
Juan Wang KPI Lead PMB441
Jian Yang Vertical Grant Support Lead PMB436
Fangfang Zhu  University Level Grant Support Lead PMB313
PGR Ecosystem
Nicholas Hamm Faculty PGR Director PMB439
Faith Chan MRes Director PMB448
Xiaoling Liu DTP Lead IAMET325
Boon Giin Lee PhD Student Lifecycle Advisor PMB424
Ahmad Mousa PhD Student Advisor  PMB337
Faculty RKE Team
Feng Xu Senior Research Operations Officer PMB427
Iris Li Research Development Officer PMB427
Lin Zhang Research Development Administrator PMB427
Yao Shen Assistant Research Fellow PMB416
Caleb Zhang Assistant Research Fellow PMB416

Joe Sun Assistant Research Fellow PMB416 

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