UNNC held inaugural Research Achievements and Industry Engagement Roadshow

18 April 2024

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On 18 April, the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) held the inaugural Research Achievements and Industry Engagement Roadshow. Nearly 40 research projects in fields such as advanced manufacturing, green energy, life science and healthcare were on display, demonstrating the fruitful results of UNNC's scientific research and knowledge exchange over the past 20 years. Representatives from about 100 well-known enterprises and research institutions, including Hikvision, China Venture Capital, Zhejiang Machinery and Electrical Group, MedicalSystem, AUX, and Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang gathered at UNNC to explore how scientific research can empower industry development.

This event received strong support from government departments such as Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau, Yinzhou Organisation Department, and Yinzhou District Science and Technology Bureau. This marks a milestone that UNNC has comprehensively showcased its research projects with industrialisation potential.

Gathering top talents to address global issues

Professor Vladimir Brusic, Li Dak Sum Chair Professor in Computer Science of UNNC, is a pioneer of immuno-informatics and has repeatedly ranked among the "World's Top2% Scientists" and "Highly Cited Chinese Researchers". His team has designed a smart system for cardiovascular health monitoring at home that deploys wearable sensors and Internet of Things devices. They showed cases include monitoring and early diagnosis of hypertension, pregnancy hypertension and pre-eclampsia, and cardiac health monitoring in cancer patients.

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Also among the "World's Top2% Scientists" and "Highly Cited Chinese Researchers" is Professor Hing Kai Chan, Professor of Operations Management of UNNC. His project "Designing the Authentication Platform based on the Patented 3D Printing Digital Watermarking Technology and Blockchain Technology" aims to promote Chinese digital model authentication standards and the national protection of digital model intellectual property rights, and help China have a competing say in the intellectual property protection of digital model.

Leveraging the international resources of University of Nottingham (UoN), UNNC  boasts a network of research partners spanning 120 countries and regions worldwide, engaging in long-term collaboration with over 4,000 domestic and foreign enterprises, government agencies, and research institutions.

Breaking barriers to empower industrial upgradation

Based on the research power of UoN as a  Russell Group university, UNNC has been driving scientific research to tackle challenges and break barriers over the past 20 years, delivering impact in real world applications across various fields. For example, the 1.5T cryogen-free clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner was awarded the first national Class III Innovative Medical Device registration certificate in Ningbo, participated by Dr Chengbo Wang, the director of MRI Research Centre at UNNC. It's compelling proof of China's technological innovation and high-end manufacturing industry moving towards high-quality development.

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In this roadshow, a group of emerging projects showed strong potential to realise research achievement transformation through cooperation with the industry.

Dr Yong Shi's team has been focusing on frontier thermal management technologies for batteries in electric vehicles. A number of domestic and international patents have been granted for their technical advancements that effectively meet the temperature management needs of batteries under a range of temperature scenarios. Now they are looking forward to knowledge-transfer opportunities to apply these technologies to relevant industries.

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Professor Ruibin Bai's team used advanced artificial intelligence and digital twin technology to improve ports' production efficiency and resource allocation rationality. They have achieved the goal of saving 10 million yuan annually for the Ningbo Zhoushan Port and are engaging with potential partners such as Huawei and Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Company for further collaboration.

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Transforming achievements for sustainable development

Jiangjuan Lin, Chairman of Welldon, was attracted by the industrial design project brought by Dr Xu Sun, Professor in Industrial Design and Manufacture, and considered establishing joint laboratories with UNNC in the future, aiming to empower the brand through scientific research and further strengthen the market competitiveness of its products.

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Professor Michael Wormstone from Nottingham Ningbo China Beacons of Excellence Research and Innovation Institute and Jin Zhang, Director of the Rehabilitation Department of Ningbo No.2 Hospital, discussed the potential of developing a clinical research centre for the rehabilitation of cataract corneas.

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Herong Yang, Chairman of Chisage, expressed that energy storage management and motor control of new energy are Chisage's current focus. The relevant projects of this roadshow captured the pain points of the industry and provided practical solutions through technological innovation, bringing new insights for the company's investment.

Professor Giampaolo Buticchi, Interim Vice Provost for Research and Knowledge Exchange, stated that UNNC, leveraging the research strengths of UoN, has established multiple high-level international innovation platforms. In the future, the university will continue to empower industry upgrading and transformation through scientific research and knowledge exchange, and promote local economic and social development through practical actions.