Branding, synergy and identity: A UNNC alumna's inspiring story

08 January 2020

Li Lu, a UNNC alumna, established a remarkable company -  LL Brand Lab - and has cooperated with the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee. Comprised of over 30 international talents, the company has become a renowned start-up in Canada.

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Li Lu

Graduating in International Business Management allowed Li to study at the Ivy School of Business of the University of Western Ontario. After working in a world-class consultancy company and supporting various fortune 500 companies in North America, she managed to join Wealth One Bank of Canada and serve as one of the core members of its marketing team.

It accelerated Li's understanding of the industry and enveloped her with a stronger understanding and re-discovery of her telos, ethos and talents. She began to notice the demand of SME's. “Branding is essential for a company regardless of its size. But lack of experience and high fees of the large consultancy firms often impede SMEs to employ a desirable branding strategy. That's where I want to help with my professional knowledge.”

Then in 2018 Li founded her company with the intent of helping SMEs, especially technology start-ups, to tailor their branding strategies. Within two years, LL Brand Lab set up branches in Canada, the US and China to carry out business globally and cooperate with many institutions including American Express.

In 2019, LL Brand Lab cooperated with Tim Berners-Lee to help his company Inrupt and carry out the ‘Solid’ project. As a web decentralisation platform, it aims of restoring the ownerships of data to every web user. LL Brand Lab's responsibility was to help ‘Solid’ expand its market in North America and gather internet talents to promote technical development.

“We also hope to build bridges between Chinese and Canadian companies. Many Chinese enterprises are undergoing transitions, but their potential is gradually recognised by North America. We are relatively familiar with both sides and confident to offer companies optimal strategies and plans.”

In fact, Li's passion in entrepreneurship originated from experience during her undergraduate study at UNNC, where she established Nottingham University Television Station China (NUTS China) society, becoming one of the largest media organisations on campus after ten years. “The memory back at UNNC was so beautiful and meaningful that the spirit of UNNC has been deeply imprinted in my mind. I am often moved by the solidarity and selfless support of the alumni and Nottingham community.”