Zero waste: UNNC contributes to development of Ningbo pharmaceutical industry

08 December 2020

A UNNC research project entitled “Research and Development (R&D) on microwave pyrolysis - catalytic reforming based technology and equipment for harmless treatment and resource utilisation of pharmaceutical sludge” has been approved by Zhejiang Science and Technology Department. Led by Professor Tao Wu, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the project is approved a total funding of RMB 4.3 million.

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The project combines the technologies of low-temperature drying and microwave pyrolysis-catalytic reforming to reduce energy consumption while improving the level of harmlessness and resource utilisation of pharmaceutical sludge.

The project is led by the UNNC research team of the Provincial Key Laboratory for Carbonaceous Waste Processing and Process Intensification Research. It collaborates with researchers from Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Medicine CO., LTD Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory and Nottingham New Materials Institute.

In recent years, the Provincial Key Laboratory has carried out cutting-edge research on organic solid waste treatment and resource utilisation. Some of these research outcomes have been commercialised. For instance, the microwave pyrolysis-catalytic reforming technologies have been applied in two local solid waste treatment companies and have produced significant economic and environmental benefits.

By developing an integrated and mobile pharmaceutical sludge treatment system at an industrial scale, the University aims to achieve a series of core technology outcomes with independent intellectual property rights and provide substantial technical support for the local pharmaceutical industry.