UNNC scholar publishes two highly-cited papers in a month

03 September 2020

Dr Haonan Li, Associate Professor in Advanced and Intelligent Manufacturing at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), recently published two Essential Science Indicators (ESI) highly-cited papers. Dr Li was also recognised as a “leading talent” by Zhejiang Education Bureau. 

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Dr Li, a 30-year-old Associate Professor, is also a Research Affiliate of the International Academy for Production Engineering CIRP and a Reviewing Committee of the International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture (IJMTM).  

“Generation of textured abrasive tools”, one of Dr Li’s ESI highly-cited papers, has been his research interest since his doctoral study. By developing innovative grinding technologies with special abrasive tools, Dr Li and his team significantly improved both the geometric and physical integrity and further fatigue performances of the machined blades. The findings provided a theoretical and practical reference for the development of aero-engine manufacturing technologies in China.  

Besides theoretical research, Dr Li actively cooperated with industry.

“Lapping has been employed as one of the most widely-used finishing technologies to achieve ultra-smooth surfaces. The regular pad rotation and the work piece revolution during the fixed-abrasive planetary lapping process, however, tend to cause strong periodicity,” explained Dr Li. “In order to avoid excessive tool wear and unwanted deterioration of machined surface caused by periodicity, we proposed a generic analytical model that can accurately quantify the cycle duration, optimise lapping parameters and improve the lapping pad design. By far, it has brought millions of economic benefits to enterprises.”  

In addition to research, Dr Li also paid much effort to cultivating Masters and PhD students. Several months ago, his co-supervised PhD student Yue Yang published her research findings on IJMTM, the top international journal in the field.  He commented that it was a great achievement. "I'm completely aware of the pressure and difficulty during doctoral study, so I try my best to give students the greatest degree of care. But in terms of scientific research, I'm serious and demanding." 

Having obtained his bachelor and Master's degrees at Northeastern University, Dr Li successively pursued his PhD under the supervisions of Professor Ji Zhao (President of Northeastern University) and Professor Tianbiao Yu (Dean of Mechanical School). From 2015 to 2018, Dr Li carried out joint research in the Machining and Condition Monitoring Lab at the University of Nottingham, UK with Professor Dragos Axinte, Director of the laboratory, Editor-in-chief of IJMTM and Chair Professor in Manufacturing Engineering at UNNC. Later in 2018, Dr Li followed Professor Axinte and joined UNNC. 

When speaking of the research environment, Dr Li said that he highly appreciated the freedom as well as continuous and strong supports from both Faculty and UNNC. "The recent establishment of the Beacons of Excellence Innovation Institute at UNNC makes us very much look forward to assisting the industrial upgrading and international development of Ningbo and as well as the Yangtze River Delta."